Enable high performing buildings with ease.

A simple solution for analytics and collaboration in buildings.

A complete analytics solution that goes from ingestion to insights out-of-the-box. Data secured, cleaned, sorted, prioritized and shaped into value outcomes.

Open & Agnostic

Quickly bring disparate data assets together with simple connections powered by modern IoT infrastructure and a library of pre-built integrations.

Scale with Simplicity

Finally, a business intelligence solution for building operations that scales. Simple connections and easy implementation breed low cost and high ROI.

Harness the power of IoT and Big Data analytics in your buildings with a connection to a broad ecosystem of technology, real estate and engineering experts.
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Looking to power your services with robust technology solutions? Become an InSite Partner! We offer our partners an opportunity to provide their own data-driven solutions by injecting the InSite Platform into their offerings.
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From data to insights automatically

InSite takes four easy steps to enable the power of enterprise analytics and augmented intelligence in your buildings.


1. Quickly connect all of your data assets


2. Ensure data quality and establish a single version of the truth.


3. Create intuitive visualizations, enable self-service and collaborative tools and turn on distribution and alerting.


4. Apply augmented intelligence engine to prioritize actions and predict outcomes.