Real Intelligence from your Buildings

Digitization is transforming
every business by bringing
lower costs, improved quality,
and better outcomes.

We are helping organizations gain easier access to innovative digital solutions that enable better business outcomes and lower costs. We built the InSite Platform to help solve a growing proliferation of systems, complexity, and productivity loss by enabling rapid access to digital benefits and real intelligence.

The combination of digitally enabled workflows and analytical innovation is creating competitive strength for those organizations that rapidly integrate digital solutions into their business. InSite is accelerating that transformation by supporting the execution of effective digital solutions that incorporate the InSite Platform into business processes in a variety of industries.

In Healthcare, for example, InSite provides actionable intelligence that reduces operating costs, directs infrastructure modernization and increases productivity. In commercial real estate, InSite is lowering costs and increasing management productivity, while providing the intelligence that ensures high-quality assets and occupant satisfaction.

“InSite® is the most flexible and user-friendly system for our staff.”
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
“We realized the need to not just harvest data from our buildings, but have analytics we could base decisions on. We chose InSite® because of the strong data analysis and decision support capabilities.”
USAA Real Estate Co.