Commercial building owners and operators, nonprofits, REITs municipalities, and state-run facilities are set to recognize huge benefits from the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. 

Start preparing for the opportunities in this law. Read our Inflation Act of 2022- An Analysis of Funds and Tax Deductions Related to Building Operations.

NEW: Greenhouse Gas Air Pollution Plans and Implementation Grants - total allocation of $5 billion.


CHANGED: Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings (179D) includes a fivefold increase in deductibles, per square foot, for qualifying, energy-certified buildings. Plus, nonprofits and REITs may qualify to recognize savings.

NEW: Environmental and Climate Justice Block Grants - total allocation of $2.8 billion.

InSite delivers unmatched building intelligence for owners and operators to maximize efficiencies while driving sustainability & ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals.

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Get ahead with our easy-to-read paper to see what's included, who qualifies, and how to prepare for meeting the requirements. 

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Accelerate your sustainability mission with building intelligence that's actionable. Whether seeking IRA grant qualification, meeting 179 Deduction eligibility, aiming to reduce carbon emissions, achieving net zero, or simply looking to get a baseline for understanding carbon footprints, InSite can help. 

A single source of intelligence is a reality with InSite's SaaS platform for building systems' data. With visualization, analytics services, or a combination of expertise, building owners and operators can help their businesses meet ESG goals—fast.