Press Release – Zentility and InSite

WASHINGTON, DC - InSite today announced that it has partnered with Annapolis-based energy-tech company Zentility Inc. The strategic partnership between the two energy and data-focused tech companies, couples the demand side optimization technologies of the InSite platform with the supply side technology of Zentility, to offer a true end-to-end energy demand management and procurement solution.


Zentility Inc., Co-founded by Ryan Peusch, entered the market offering a customer-focused, automated energy procurement platform for commercial businesses to buy energy for a fraction of “traditional” energy broker fees. Zentility’s proprietary Rate Logic algorithm allows energy decision makers to analyze cost savings and procure energy with a click of a button. Peusch commented “The strategic partnership between our brands is an exciting prospect for both parties. Zentility has always had its eye on building technology integrations to bring greater savings to customers, and ultimately simplifying energy procurement for commercial businesses. InSite has a very powerful product that compliments the service we offer, and we are confident that our customers will benefit tremendously from this partnership.


InSite is a premier business intelligence solution for large owners and operators of real estate portfolios. InSite’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform provides innovative digital solutions that promote better business outcomes and lower operational costs. The InSite platform was built to help solve a growing proliferation of systems, complexity, and productivity loss by enabling rapid access to real intelligence. “This strategic partnership between two industry-leading technology companies will provide our customers with an end-to-end solution for their energy needs. Zentility’s automated supply-side procurement engine integrated with InSite’s SaaS-enabled managed services will empower our customers to maximize their energy investments from procurement to consumption,” commented Frank Gangemi, InSite President.

InSite - www.insiteintelligence.com

Zentility Inc. - www.zentility.com