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"In the Spring of 2018, James (Jim) Hampton took over as Chief Engineer at 700 6th St NW, which had an ENERGY STAR score of 69 for the previous year. Cushman & Wakefield hired him in part based on his reputation for saving money while improving building performance. Within two years, Hampton and his team had increased the building’s ENERGY STAR score to 86 and dramatically reduced operating expenses with no-cost solutions, including an inventive way to recapture heat loss.

As he started the job, Hampton made it a priority to engage his colleagues in the operational improvements. “My mentality is that I’m always training my replacement,” he explained. Engineering team members Mario Alvarado and Jhony Cruz collaborated with Hampton to identify ways to improve building performance. The winter of 2018 showed a 20.8% decrease in energy consumption, which the team achieved using a combination of equipment scheduling adjustments, temperature resets, and airside and waterside economizers."

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