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InSite LLC Welcomes Kylie Ford as Director of Sustainability

Washington, D.C. May 26, 2022—InSite LLC is pleased to announce the recent hire of Kylie Ford as director of sustainability. Kylie’s focus will be to assist in enhancing InSite solutions and programs that deliver positive impacts on economic, social, and governance (ESG) objectives for property owners and operators.

Kylie brings with her over a decade of ESG/sustainability management, consulting, and technology experience. An engineering undergrad from Lehigh University, she earned her M.A. in Environmental Policy Design before beginning a career in sustainability consulting and technology. Kylie has experience working with companies across multiple industries, from Fortune 100 financial companies to utility providers, with a particular focus on investment and real estate firms. Whether a consultant or an in-house professional, her career has revolved around strategic ESG planning, technology and product development, compliance, employee engagement, and climate risk.

"Businesses that operate buildings are becoming more and more focused on lowering their resource usage and improving their carbon footprints to positively impact the interests of investors, governing bodies, and the environment,” stated Francis Gangemi, President of InSite LLC. He adds, “We are thrilled to welcome Kylie aboard and to leverage her expertise and passion in making ESG goals attainable and measurable for InSite customers.”

Kylie has in-depth experience with myriad ESG reporting frameworks, including SASB (VRF), UNPRI, TCFD, GRESB, CDP, and many emerging regulatory standards. Her strategic vision and technical expertise will continue to drive key ESG initiatives and system improvements to match the demands that InSite is addressing in a proliferate marketplace.

About InSite

InSite is a premier business intelligence solution for real estate owners and operators. InSite’s software as a service (SaaS) platform and managed services provide innovative, data-driven insights enabling clients to achieve ESG and sustainability goals and improve building performance while reducing operating costs. InSite’s cloud-based platform seamlessly integrates data from a multitude of sources and systems. Leveraging a combination of machine learning and human analytics, InSite delivers actionable intelligence for optimization of real estate operations in support of strategic objectives and regulatory compliance. For more information, visit insiteintelligence.com

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