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InSite Recognized as a PECO Trade Ally Leader

Updated: Oct 11

Recently, InSite was honored to receive a PECO Trade Ally Performance Award, which recognized the efforts in delivering 1.9 GWh in savings to customers in the PECO region.

Over the last two rebate phases, InSite worked hand-in-hand with PECO to define a methodology to achieve continuous commissioning rebates. During that time, ~$700K in rebates was secured for clients through the identification and implementation of efficiency measures using the InSite Platform.

The platform includes Fault Detection and Diagnostics software, along with other automated tools, that help customers improve the efficiency of their operations by identifying anomalies and improvement opportunities across their portfolios. Once the efficiency measures are implemented, they are measured and verified by InSite's Professional Engineers and Managed Service Teams. The team then works to secure the rebates for customers. InSite is excited to continue the partnership with PECO and in helping clients achieve similar successes to those achieved by building owners and operators within the Philidelphia region, and beyond.

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