• Andrew Landis

Is Your Head In The Cloud(s)?

Traditionally, when you refer to someone as having their “head in the clouds”, it means that person is out of touch or a dreamer- not a realist. However, almost everything you do on your PC or your smartphone today is in the “cloud." Whether it's personal or for work, we live in the cloud. So, join me as we try to understand this term a little better and get our “head in the cloud.”

Let's start with the basics; what is the cloud? The simplest explanation is that "the cloud" is a group of computers that share resources. That’s it! All the 1’s and 0’s need physical hardware to do the processing and storing. Services like AWS, Azure, and Google provide access to these resources and provide a host of tools to help manipulate and process the data.

Now that we know what the cloud is, we’ll explore how it’s used. Many companies will boast their cloud-only solution. There are a lot of benefits that come with using cloud-based software; accessibility, collaboration, automatic/lifetime updates, zero downtime, to name a few. Instead of buying software, distributing it to your employees, patching, updating, repeat every few years, you pay a monthly subscription to get access to the software as a service (SaaS).

In the smart building world, InSite utilizes a mix of on-prem servers, devices, and cloud platform services to get the most out of building systems. The BAS (Building Automation System) equipment control will utilize physical devices and servers on-site, which provide critical control of the physical equipment while our analytic services will extract that data to the cloud for processing. The cloud-based solution enables companies like InSite to instantly scale to fit your needs and opens a world of opportunity to ingest data from various sources .

InSite gives you a window into your building that traditional on-prem systems can’t provide on their own. We work in conjunction with your current systems including BAS, utility bills, utility meters, CMMS, and more to provide complete building systems analytics, building optimization, energy reduction, improve efficiency, and more. InSite solutions can help businesses achieve local and state-driven GHG reduction mandates with its innovative (cloud-based) solution and expert (ground-based) services.

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