• Victoria Bayne

What About The Dinosaurs?

Driving value with older buildings systems

In a world where technology has skyrocketed in its capabilities, you may be wondering what InSite can do to show value with your building’s archaic system.

You may find yourself asking questions such as these:

1. If my building is not on our building’s network, can I still gain access to the data?

2. If my building does not have BAC/net capabilities, can I connect to the data points and analyze them remotely?

3. Is there value in using trending BAS equipment level data?

Good news: the answers are Yes, Yes, and Yes! There’s more that InSite’s integration specialists can do with your older building system than you might have imagined. Over 40% of the integrations we’ve done have been custom integrations to older systems.

Whether running a single or multiple prehistoric systems, virtually any business can take advantage of optimization and efficiency improvement opportunities. InSite can access building data from older systems using BAC/net export tables, hardware designed to be connected to buildings that are not BAC/net enabled, FTP data pushes into our InSite Platform, or several other creative and customized integrations. We can provide value to you by integrating your data through our AI engine to identify, model, and prioritize efficiency opportunities. This data coupled with our Managed Services team of data scientists, analysts, professional engineers, and real estate professionals can provide feedback and advisement on how to optimize your building system’s performance.

The team here at InSite has a deep knowledge of, not only the latest and greatest building systems, but also of the older “extinct” building systems. We’ve cornered the most efficient ways to drive value using these systems’ available data.

InSite has proven that, although a building may not have all the “bells and whistles” that newer buildings have, there is most certainly value to be driven by custom integrations. We can find anomalies on the granular level by trending data 24 hours a day that otherwise may not be visible onsite. We will help make your system work for you without needing to invest in a state-of-the-art building system.

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